Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What Are We Actually Fighting For?

Hmm, how am I gonna start this topic?

Life, life will never ever ever! Be as easy as you want it to be. Easiest part come after the hardest part, which is at the age of 60s and above, when we all are doing nothing but enjoy the last chapter of your life. So, we all shall not expect an easy life at the age of 20s until the 50s. FIGHT! FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! But ofcoz don't fight physically like those boxers -.- 

If you want a better life, FIGHT FOR IT! Don't sit there and keep moaning on the Social Network, you may not realize that you are actually spreading negativity into the your social circle. (I used to do this back then, so doing it sometimes.) You have to know that, when negativity takes over your mind, it simply meant by you are in the dark zone. So don't let the darkness eats you, if you are really in the dark zone, keep walking until you see the lights, you can do it. All of us can do it. Most importantly, surround yourself with positive minded people, it really helps a lot. Trust me, I've been there.

Months ago, I drowned myself in darkness, where everything seems to be really really BAD! Like darn BAD! Bad things happened because GOOD things are coming to you (Not really). Rain won't last forever so do PAIN. I'm glad to have a bunch of new friends, and I found out that I actually talked more compared to last time. I changed. Yes I've changed.

Okay, so what am I fighting for? Let me tell you, it may sound stupid or worthless. I'm fighting for promises that no one gives an S on it. So when I grow older, If my children ask me, will you ever regret for what you did when you are young? I will say no, because that's how we should live our life. Even that person are not with you anymore, but promises are still promises, if you choose to forget about the promises, it means that you have made a promise that you are not meant to fulfill it. If you choose to fulfill all those promises, people may judge you, but don't let their voice affects you, they judge you because they can't do what you can do! Fulfill the promises you have made! Don't leave yourself with regrets. 

We all are FIGHTERS, they say humans are mentally and physically weak, we have to prove them wrong by telling them we are strong enough to stand up after being knocked down by PAIN and knock them back harder!  

Start to ask yourself, what are you actually fighting for?

Lastly, don't fight for surviving, fight for thrive :)

If this post makes no sense at all, please tell me... Cause sometimes I don't even know what am I actually typing, I just type out anything that past through my mind, so it may seem very... Mandarin said θ·³tone..

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